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The C.I.C.U.E. Association was founded in 1989 to promote the development of a concept of Europe belonging to the citizens.


Since the beginning the Association was particularly committed to the implementation of activities and projects towards the youth participation in the civil society, moving from the firm belief that this is a basic element for the education to adult life.


Several projects were implemented during the years in different fields: education, information, guidance, activities of socio-cultural support and promotion, of youth bustle and of interventions’ organization towards the promotion of youth mobility and of knowledge of different cultures.


Since 1994, the C.I.C.U.E. Association is recorded in the regional register of Voluntary Organizations of the Lazio Region.


The above mentioned projects and activities were implemented thanks to the contribution and the cooperation of Institutions such as: the European Union (former DG5 and DG10), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Agency “Youth for Europe”, Council of Ministers Presidency, Ministry of the Interior, Lazio Region, Province of Rome, Municipality of Rome, Municipality of Rieti, Consortium of Nature Reserve of Reatini Lakes, Provincial Tourism Agencies.

Furthermore the cooperation with several local, national and international associations and organizations, allowed the creation of a European net as a starting point for the implementation of projects with an international partnership, and as a guarantee for an information flow on the European activities and the policies towards the young people.


Among the most relevant experiences they should be underlined the following:

- Organization of international exchanges

- Training activities for socio-cultural operators

- Management of the Youth Information centres of the Municipality of Rome

- Researches and studies in the social and cultural fields

- Participation in the European programmes  Youth Start I, Urban, Socrates-Grundtvig

- Participation in the management of the activities of aggregation Centres for pre-adolescents and adolescents of the Municipality of Rome

- Planning and management into social and youth project. 

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Via Ponzio Cominio 100/102
00175 Roma - Italy


Phone: +39-06.764674

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